Features and Specials

Hold a Private Party

How would you like to learn about the world of wine?

You can hold a private party at our store for any group of 12-50 people.

In a two hour evening we will sample 6 wines while learning the proper technique to “Taste” wine. Learn the simple steps to identify different wines. We will discuss various wine regions and the unique style each produces.

Our tasting room is available on Thursdays and limited Saturdays for your personal wine tasting.

Cost is $18.00 per person.

“Wine is All About You”
We are very excited to introduce our newest wine tasting feature.

Every Tuesday all year, we will have a “Good, Better, Best, You Decide” Wine Swirl.

Each Tuesday from 5-8pm for $7.00, you can sample 3 different tiers of the same type of wine. Some weeks it will be based on price and other weeks by region.