These days it’s easier than ever before to source good wines. A modicum of knowledge and even those who are new to the wine game can pick up some passable wines even in Big Box stores. But for those who really want to get under the skin becoming a oenophile it is essential to find two things. One if a wine merchant that stocks wines from across the globe and secondly that the merchant will be able to advise the buyer on the many complexities of not only purchasing wines to be enjoyed at the table – but also to provide insight to those who may want to invest in wine – or simply store it for long periods before it can be enjoyed.

The importance of finding a wine merchant who is able to identify the most promising new releases – and find the more established older vintages cannot be overestimated.

Wine has been growing as both a lifestyle and investment choice for decades and the sheer amount of choice is staggering.

In fact the availability of internal wines has been changing the market to such an extent that it is almost unrecognizable to those who have been interested in buying wines for more than the last few years.

The Old World producers in countries such as France, Portugal and Spain are being placed under tremendous pressure by new producers and a new wave of savvy and demanding consumers. they have had to take a good long hard look at their marketing strategies – and just how they producing wines for global consumption.

Take for example China. Not only has the average disposable income been steadily increasing in recent years but Chinese wines are now becoming much more mature and providing some surprising vale for international buyers.

However, the interesting thing is that traditional wine consumers in countries such as aforementioned Spain, Portugal and France have been steadily lowering their rates of consumption. But there are signs that the slack is being taken up by other consumers across the globe. in fact the latest research shows that this new breed of consumer is now consuming wine between once and three times a week.

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This is good news. Competitive market forces and supply and demand will cause traditional producers in the Old World, as well as other producers in the New World to increase their market penetration of countries where that consumption is increasing. demand may be higher – but market growth and increased competition should start to see prices stabilize and perhaps even come down.

The impact on consumers can only be positive. With exceptional wines emerging from countries as diverse as Chile and New Zealand, as well as South Africa and Australia, not to mention the United States (and these are only a few examples) the time to be a wine lover is right now.

But what does that have to do with finding the right adviser and supplier of wines across the board.

The increasing number of producers and the ever more complex number of varietals will demand that consumers for a trusted relationship with an adviser who can both source global wines and provide insight into enjoying this explosion of good taste. Now is the time to find a merchant who imports wines from across the globe.